Got a burning question? We’ve been doing this for a while now - below are a few questions that we are asked and answered, well, frequently.

For a downloadable short version of our FAQ guide, click here.

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▾ Help! I can't find my ticket!

Don’t panic! This happens a lot, they have a pesky habit of hiding in junk folders.

You just need to get in touch with our wonderful friends at Gigantic, who will be able to send you another copy out.

▾ Who are your official ticket sellers?

The lovely people over at Gigantic are our official ticket sellers for all online ticket sales. We also fully endorse the official face-value reseller, Twickets. So, if you can’t make the event and wish to resell your tickets, this is the route you’ll want to go down. We’ll try not to take it too personally.

DO NOT buy from Viagogo and similar secondary ticketing sites.

▾ What time can we arrive/will you kick us out?

Times are dependent on the timings of each event. Watch this space for updated timings as events are scheduled for 2020.

▾ How do I get to The Wyldes?

North Cornwall isn’t exactly famed for its transport links, but fear not! We have plenty of options to ensure you can get to and from The Wyldes with ease, so all you have to worry about is who’s packing the tent poles.


If you plan on driving to The Wyldes for any of our events we strongly encourage car sharing, this helps us reduce our festival footprint, keeps the roads clear, and gives you a full backing band for car-eoke. We will only charge parking for those with three or fewer people in the car too, so there’s some more motivation for you.

Shuttle Bus

Our friends at Rob's Travel run a shuttle bus to and from The Strand in Bude across all of our events. The shuttle will be running at each of our Live in The Wyldes events from 14:00 - 19:00, making trips every hour on the hour on the day of the event. They will be starting from The Strand taxi rank in Bude, and ending at The Wyldes. They will then be making the return journey to Bude between 23:30 (or 22:30 for Jess Glynne, which ends a little earlier) until 02:30, or when everyone is home. All this chauffering costs just £7.50 each way per person.

We want to ensure that everybody can get to The Wyldes, so if you know there’s a lot of you wanting to come down from a town nearby (or even not that nearby) but it’s a bit of a mission, let us know and vote for a bus service from your town.

Public Transport

While public transport isn’t perfect in our neck of the woods, it is possible to get pretty close. The nearest train lines are Exeter St. Davids and Bodmin Parkway, both of which offer bus links to Bude.


Oh, and if you need it we are able to get the mower out and create a nice big helipad in the field. It wouldn’t be the first time…

▾ Are there parking charges?

We started charging for parking at our events to encourage car sharing, this has a huge impact on our festival footprint, which is something we’re more than a little bit passionate about. Cars with four or more people in will not be charged for parking, so get texting your mates and decide whose car can fit the most in.

We understand that car sharing is not always possible, but please know that parking charges also have a considerable effect on traffic moving in and out of the site. We found that implementing charges more than halved waiting times! So look upon it as a marvellous opportunity for carpool karaoke, and a shorter wait to see your favourite acts.

▾ What if it rains?

It never rains in Cornwall, that’s a fact. But sometimes this weird water falls from the sky. We’re yet to discover the cause of this phenomenon but we do recommend coming prepared with coats and wellies in case it happens again. Pretty sure it’s aliens…

▾ I have a disability. How accessible is the site?

We are constantly striving to improve our disability access as we fully believe that everybody should be able to experience the live music they love. While this means we are trying to ensure everywhere is fully accessible, it isn’t perfect just yet. If you want to speak to us further about current accessibility or recommend ways we could improve please do drop us an email at hello@intothewyldes.com.

Carers' Passes If you need a carer to assist you at any of our events we offer carer’s passes free of charge. This are available from our ticket page.

You’ll just need to bring a copy of one of the following with you on the day:

  • Front page of DLA letter or PIP letter

  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter

  • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)

  • Disabled Identification Card (DID) or Blue Badge.

Accessible Parking

There is accessible parking closer to the entrance of the field for blue badge holders. Just ask our friendly stewards when you arrive and they will be able to direct you.

Accessible Toilets

We have wheelchair accessible toilets across the site, both in the main arena and within the camping fields.

Accessibility Around Site

The entire site is on grass fields, depending on weather conditions this can get muddy. There is a hill down from the car parks to the main arena, and the campsites are also situated on this hill. Nothing is more than a few minutes away, the site is jam-packed with things to see and do, but it’s not too big.

Viewing Platform

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the funding we needed to build a suitable viewing platform in time for this years’ events, but this is something we’re determined to get done as soon as possible.

▾ Can we stay?

Of course, it would be cruel to offer such great beer and not let you have somewhere to sleep. Camping is available at all our events, and you can add live-in vehicle passes too for those of you who like it a bit more luxurious.

Glamping options are now are now available via our ticketing page, if you wanna get real fancy!

▾ Can I park my car by my tent?

No, for safety reasons we do not allow cars in the camping fields. It’s only a short hop across from the car park to the camping fields though.

▾ Do the camping fields have electric hook-ups?

Afraid not, you’ll have to take it old school. Eat cold beans, let your phone battery die, forget the hair straighteners. It’s how the best festival memories are made, trust us.

▾ Are there any age restrictions at your events?

We operate a Look 25 policy across the site at all of our events, so if you’re one of the baby-faced amongst us bring a valid photo ID (passport, driving license, or National ID card).

All under 18s MUST be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult aged 25 or over.

▾ Can I bring the kids?

We’re huge fans of the tiny humans who come to play in our fields, they’re the future of festivals after all, so we try to do everything we can to make sure our events are a fun, exciting, and safe place for them. The Wyldes is the perfect place to play and explore, with loads of space to run between the trees, as well as yummy eateries with plenty of options for even the most discerning of tummies (we won’t say fussy).

We also make sure there’s always some form of entertainment for the little ones; fair rides, water slides, magicians, and hidden areas filled with stories, crafts, and magic within the trees are just some of the ways we’ve made The Wyldes every kid’s dream over the years. Who knows what we’ll surprise them with next…

Plus, there’s also the added bonus of our Stack Cups being super easy to hold while also carrying a baby. We’re parents too, we get it.

▾ Do I need to bring anything?

We know you’re all hippies at heart and love living the simple life free from the pressures of the modern world – but we would suggest at least bringing a tent if you’re going to stay. Sleeping bag, toothbrush, wet wipes, something effervescent and orange-flavoured for the morning – all the usual essentials.

▾ Do I need cash?

We don’t have cash points on site. Our bars do take cards, but not all the traders will. So come prepared with wallets stuffed with cash so you can splash out on festival treats!

▾ Can we bring our own food and drinks?

We have an incredible selection of food vans at all of our events. We ensure we have enough choices that all dietary requirements and fussy eaters will be able to find something to eat but if you are worried you won’t be able to find something please drop us a line at hello@intothewyldes.com

Personal alcohol is not allowed into the arena at any time. If you are camping, you are allowed to bring alcohol into the campsite, providing you are over 18. You may bring 6 cans of beer/cider/pre-mixed drinks, or 1 box of wine each to our Live in The Wyldes events. Cans/packaging must be unopened, and remember-no glass!

We keep our bar prices low, level with or often cheaper than local pubs. No £10 warm cans of cider here! We also provide free drinking water across the site.

▾ Can we bring a BBQ?

Small BBQs and camping stoves are permitted in the camping areas, but we do ask that you do so responsibly. Never light either inside your tent, including awnings, always put them out properly and never leave them unattended while hot.

▾ I heard we can't bring glass bottles?

No. Glass bottles are strictly not allowed anywhere on site, and will be confiscated if spotted by our security or stewarding teams. It’s not good for the cows you see, and they spend more time in the field than we do.

▾ Can I bring my pet?

Sadly not. There is a blanket ban on all pets attending, as part of our licencing rules. That means no dogs, cats, tigers or goldfish. This includes the campsites.

▾ Can I bring my picnic blanket/camping chair/umbrella/gazebo/spaceship into the arena?

Camping Chairs & Picnic Blankets

You may bring picnic blankets and camping chairs into the arena, but may not set up camp immediately around the stages due to health and safety reasons. We do however have lots of room under the shade of our resident poplar trees- perfect for a catch up with your family! If you are set up near the stages, you may be asked to move (unless you need a chair due to disability or injury).


It's a bit of a sore subject, but rain can happen in our neck of the woods, so it's understandable that one might want to enjoy the festivities under the cover of an umbrella. You can bring an umbrella, but please be considerate of others when using it. We do not permit umbrellas to be open in the arena close to the stage whilst acts are on, as they can be a safety hazard (and may not be well recieved by the people standing behind you!). If you have an umbrella up in the arena you may be asked to take it down.


Please refrain from setting up gazebos in the arena. We have shelter from the sun in the form of beautiful lines of trees that should be sufficient. You can put your gazebo up in the campsite if you (and your group) have a camping ticket.


Please park any UFOs in the car park! If you have more than 4 passengers, parking is free!

▾ Are there any more rules I should know about?

We hate to put a downer on things, but we do have a few ground rules. They are there to keep you (and our cows) safe and happy.

Don't Bring Drugs

We operate a zero-tolerance policy on all illegal drugs and legal highs (including NOS) on site. If you are caught in possession of or taking any drugs our friendly but firm security team will immediately escort you off site.

Don't Bring Glass Bottles

Glass is STRICTLY prohibited anywhere on site.

Don't Light Fires

We love a fire! That’s why we set a car on fire in the middle of the arena. No need for your own, ours is pretty big. Small camping stoves and BBQs are fine, but please always ensure they are never left unattended until fully cool and never light them in tents, including awnings. Car fires > tent fires.

Don't Play Loud Music

We’ve got the music covered. We promise! Leave the playlist to us and you focus on having fun. Please leave all sound-systems and speakers at home or they do risk being confiscated by security.

▾ I've lost something! What should I do?

We’ve all done it, put something down, walked away, not realised until the next day. We’re not saying it’s always cider related, but…

Lost property can be found at the merch stall at our events, so if you find something or realise you’ve lost something, head there. It can take time for us to get all the lost property handed in, and often things are found during the clean-up, so if your item isn’t there drop us an email to hello@intothewyldes.com after the event and we’ll get back to you and post it back if we find it.

▾ Isn't all this revelry bad for the planet?

We’ve lived on Planet Earth for quite a long time now, we really like it here and have no intention of leaving for a while yet. Some of us have even multiplied while we’ve been here too, and have little Wyldlings running around who would also like a nice healthy planet to live on, no doubt.

So, it’s important we do our bit to ensure we’re not screwing it up for those who’d like to enjoy our lush little valley in the future, both near and far.

There are several things we do here at The Wyldes to minimise our festival footprint, from encouraging car-shares to building as much as we can from recycled and reclaimed materials. It’s not an exhaustive list and we are always looking to improve, and for new and innovative ways to enhance our eco-standing, wherever possible.

Take it With You

We strongly encourage you take as much of your rubbish home with you to recycle/reuse/compost/dispose of as needed. But for what can’t be taken home, or what is forgotten, we run a 0% landfill policy on site. 90% of all waste is recycled, and what can’t be is converted into fuel pellets. The entire site is cleared and litter-free within two days after the event.

Cups & Straws

Our festival, Leopallooza, was the first UK festival to ban single use plastic drinking cups, and anybody who has been to one of our events knows just how cool our Stack Cups are. Since 2011 all of our straws have been bamboo, not plastic. And are only offered if asked for. We also do not sell bottled water on site, and ask our traders not to either. Instead we have free tap water across the venue that you can use to fill your own bottles or cups. We’re really not fans of single-use plastics…

Building Materials

All the buildings across the site are built using reclaimed and recycled materials where possible, with much of the wood sourced from our own, sustainable woodlands – for every tree we cut down, we replant three. Our main stage, which you can’t miss, is made from recycled steel and reclaimed wood (a lot of it from the old main stage) and the second stage is made from recycled timber from a barn in Okehampton. The tin cladding on the roofs and sides of our bars is reclaimed from a shed up the road a bit that blew down in the wind. (If any police happen to be reading this: it honestly blew down in the wind, Officer. Honestly!) All lanes and access areas are created our own, natural, on-site quarry.


You’ve probably guessed by now we’re really not fans of plastic, so if you want to get glitzed up please do make sure it’s eco-friendly. All glitter traders also have to adhere to this rule. Glitter looks great on smiling festival faces, less great in fishy tummies.

▾ Can I join your team?

Got some skills you think we need? Sounds good to us. Whether you think you could be an invaluable member of our site crew, know your band could storm the main stage, or fancy pulling pints at our events- drop us an email to hello@intothewyldes.com with your CV/demos and somebody will get back to you if a suitable slot opens up.

(All applications are kept on file for future events)

Some event specific questions can be found on the Live In The Wyldes and Leopallooza websites.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered, drop us an email, or give us a call:

EMAIL: hello@intothewyldes.com

TELEPHONE: 01566781737