Meet Matt- party planner, fun sponge and nap king

We’ve put our best foot (feet?) forward to introduce some of the lovely folk who work here in our new Wyldelife blog series.

From the guys who organise the whole thing, to those who paint and build, design, feed, water and keep you safe, we’ll be speaking to the many people who make The Wyldes everything it is. 

First up is one of Leopallooza’s original organisers, Matt Daniel, who helped create The Wyldes from scratch, and drive it forwards through its infancy to its, well, toddlerdom. 


 Name: Matt Daniel

Role at The Wyldes: Director / Music programmer

For someone who spends the majority of his time planning some of the biggest parties in Cornwall, it has to be said, Matt Daniel is not a man who does well at them. Traditionally hitting the hay well before 11pm, we * almost * included a photo montage of him fast asleep at various fun events through the years.

But we like him too much to embarrass him like that. 

IMG_1129 (1).jpeg

 Well… maybe just one.

One of Leo’s original organisers, Matt was one of the team to get The Wyldes off the ground and into existence. From playing CDs in a van to coming into an actual office, and booking some of the biggest gigs in the county (as well as tirelessly hunting for your new favourite artists), here he is. 


What does an average day at work look like for you?

Annoyingly I picked a desk which doesn’t look out of the window over The Wyldes so it’s mainly at a computer screen! The day always involves listening to music, lots of spreadsheets, plotting and planning future shows and trying to time my tea drinking so I don’t have to make a cup for everyone.  

How do you think the rest of the Wyldes gang would describe you?

I wouldn’t like to repeat the words that are used to describe me to my face. However ‘fun sponge’ is a common one!

Best thing about working at The Wyldes?

Being able to have an idea and work with a team of like minded people to make that idea a reality, then seeing thousands of people in the field, enjoying themselves is always the clincher. 

And...the worst?

Let’s just say it can be quite stressful putting on events at times! 

What, in your eyes, makes a good party?

Cheese and pineapple on sticks, pink wafers, a magician, jelly and a good soundtrack.

Pet peeve?

Observational comedy and the word “genre” even though I use it a lot. I am my own pet peeve! 

Favourite moment so far at The Wyldes?

2009 watching Everything Everything play their first festival. I do like that band! 

Dream headliner at The Wyldes?

Quite a few on the wish list but I think Bon Iver would be a really magical show here. Radiohead always and I think Lizzo would be a real fun night!

What are you listening to right now?

Lots of new music in preparation to programme the Leo 2020 weekend.  Billie Eilish and Sam Fender’s albums are a breath of fresh air this year.  

Why did you (and your fellow organisers) create The Wyldes?

I’ve been hooked on the field since the first Leopallooza in 2006, when I sat in a van listening to CDs and talking to friends all night before realising it was morning and I hadn’t left the van. The thought of being able to bring bands to the South West that would not normally head this far down has always been a driving force. 

If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

Flying, obviously. Imagine it! It would be epic.