Jess Glynne Refund Update


We can confirm that all Jess Glynne refunds have now been processed by our ticket partner Gigantic. 

According to our payment platform, Stripe, the time it will take for the money to appear in your account will depend on your individual bank. They have provided us with their standard guidelines, which states between one and seven days as their usual timeframe for this to happen. We know many of you have already received your refunds.

We know that this has been a frustrating process for you, and we thank you for your patience while we’ve worked through the various legal and systematic complexities in issuing a refund of this size. 

We also know that many of you have wanted more information on why this process has taken so long.

Because the event was cancelled so close to the date when it was due to take place, we were unable to cancel any of the production budget which could have allowed us to make refunds immediately. The site was set up with all production in place and paid for, which meant we were reliant on our insurance claim being processed in order to issue refunds. When you buy a ticket from us, your money goes towards the event that you’re coming to. Although we put on big shows, we’re a small business and this money doesn’t sit in a bank account. This is, of course, exactly why we have insurance. However due to the size of the claim, and the complexities due to the cancellation being made on medical grounds, this took our insurance company longer than they originally anticipated. We were one of multiple venues claiming for the cancellation; our claim was for over 7,000 tickets, other venues will have been claiming for this amount or more. Although we were given an initial timeframe by our insurance company of 28 days, we were later informed by them that they would need to extend this. 

Once our insurance claim was accepted, we received the claim value, which was passed over to our ticket partners at Gigantic, who have managed the refund process as they hold your payment details. Processing this number of refunds is not an immediate process, and it took them some time to work through the list. Their job was made harder as our payment partner Stripe added an unanticipated security delay to processing, this was again due to the size of the claim and the amount being refunded. We thank Gigantic’s refund team for their patience while we worked with Stripe to lift the security delay. 

This process is now complete, and depending on your individual bank account, your refund should appear within one to seven days, as offered by Stripe as a guideline. You will receive a full refund on your tickets, including camping. You will also receive your booking fee, which The Wyldes is covering ourselves, as stated when the event was initially cancelled. 

We thank you for your patience during this process. We value our customers, and we were as disappointed you were when the event was cancelled. We have worked hard to remain transparent and frank about this process, and its many complexities. Our small team has spoken to many of you personally, as well as over message and email, and we know that this has been a very frustrating experience for you. As a venue run by a very small team of people, who always want the best for our customers, and care deeply about their experience, we appreciate the goodwill that we’ve received too. 

Team Wyldes x