The season of scarves and mugs of tea? BRING IT ON!

Much as we love the hazy, crazy summer showtime days, we are all about appreciating Autumn at The Wyldes HQ. The summer shows are done. We’re all partied out. We’ve just about recovered from Leopallooza, and we’re into full on planning mode for next year’s fun. 


Here’s why we ruddy well love Autumn:

It’s just the right temperature to pack a tent/jump in your van and head off on a mini adventure. Sure, you might want to pack a flask of something warm, and a few extra layers. But no sweaty traffic jams or overbaked mornings waking up in a steaming tent. Clear skies, horizon-busting sunsets, a nip in the air that makes us excited about pulling on our favourite woolly jumper, and a sense that the days are definitely getting shorter. So get in quick for those last weekend adventures! Oh, and all the tourists have gone home, so our favourite spots are quiet again. (We love you really visitors!) 

The water’s lovely and warm. The beaches are clear, and the sea’s been baking all summer, so jump on in! Weekends, after work evenings, or even early mornings if you’re, erm, a bit keener than us. Grab your board, or just your cossie, hit up your favourite spot, hop on in and make the most of it before it all gets much too chilly. Nothing beats that feeling of fresh-out-of-the-water saltiness, and under the towel scrabble to get changed into something cosy. 

There’s still just enough evening to do fun stuff after work. Dusk is getting earlier, but there’s still time to go for a walk or cycle, watch a sunset, go for a paddle or sup on a pint in the sunshine before heading home. Grab a blanket, stick your dinner in a tupperware and take it to the beach with a couple of beers. Everything tastes better when you’re eating outside, right? Soon it’ll be dark by the time you head home, and it’ll be straight back to hunker down inside, so make the most of those extra rays before they disappear. 


It’s the best time for foraging! You don’t need a doctorate in UK hedgerow-ing to grab a few blackberries. The pros among you might be stuffing your baskets with ‘shrooms and rosehips to make your fancy syrups and pickles and fancy stuff. But if you’re like us, and you just like the idea of free food and feeling a bit wholesome, then there’s nothing like stuffing a haul of blackberries (and some scrumped apples) in a crumble, drenching it in cream and tucking in. 

Is it just us, or is the Autumn the perfect time for planning? Maybe it’s the back to school vibe, or the fact that we’re gearing up to release our shows for next year, but September feels like the perfect time to get organised and start planning. At Wyldes HQ, plans for next year’s Leopallooza are already well underway (and we’re crackling with excitement about all of our new ideas!). And we’re getting ready to announce our first Live In The Wyldes show for 2020 (trust us, it’s a good one, keep your eyes peeled for announcements). Either way, we’ve got new stationary, our pencils are sharpened and some of us have even tucked our shirts in. It’ll never last. 

Leopallooza tickets are on sale now for 2020.