We’ve lived on planet Earth for quite a long time now, and we’d like to stay here a bit longer. Some of us have even multiplied and have our own little Wyldlings running around, so want to keep it green, nice, and full of dolphins for them too.

 So, for us it’s important we do our ‘bit’. Both independently, and also as a company. There are several things we do here at The Wyldes to minimise our festival footprint, listed below. This list is ever-growing, as there are always things we’re pretty sure we could do better, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our eco-standing, wherever possible. But here’s where we’re at so far.

  1.  We have a 0% landfill policy – with 90% of our waste recycled and the remaining 10% being converted into fuel pellets.

  2. With Leopallooza, we were the first festival in the UK to ban single-use plastic drinking cups, and fully embrace the reusable Stack Cups across our events, massively reducing the amount of unnecessary plastic waste.

  3. We don’t sell plastic water bottles, and all traders at our events are told not to sell them either – instead we have free drinking water across the site and bars.

  4. As a rule, all traders across our events must use 100% biodegradable packaging.

  5. Since 2011, we’ve used bamboo straws instead of plastic.

  6. All the buildings within The Wyldes are built using reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible, with much of the wood sourced from our own sustainable woodlands. Even the main stage is made from reclaimed wood and motorway sidings.

  7. For every tree we have to cut down, we replant three.

  8. Following our events, the space is completely litter-free within two days.

  9. Wherever possible we use local contractors for event builds, and everyone is from Devon or Cornwall. This includes lighting, fencing, and toilets.

  10. All the lighting is LED, reducing overall power consumption.

  11. The tin cladding on the roofs and sides of our bars is reclaimed from a shed up the road a bit that blew down in the wind. (N.B. If any police happen to be reading this; it honestly blew down in the wind, officer. Honestly.)


We grew up here, we’re as local as locals get, so we know the frustration that comes with nobody ever bringing their tours to the county. We’ve caught buses and trains, we’ve hitchhiked, we’ve begged friends and family and strangers to let us squeeze in the boot, we’ve done whatever it takes to get to the big cities and see the big bands. Now we’ve gone so far as to build our own events arena…

It’s not just the biggest bands we want to bring to The Wyldes though, our space is adaptable and we have created a stage that can be used to help the people of Cornwall – our friends and family – experience the arts that we don’t normally get to see down here.

From films on the big screen, to Shakespeare in the woods, to a full orchestra echoing across the valley, isn’t it about time?


Fun is for everyone. ‘Nuff said.